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What is mindfulness?

The simplified version: learning to notice our experiences, body sensations and emotions in the present moment.

Without judging them.



Children are being raised with socio-economic challenges, difficult home environments, trauma, bullying and are still expected to focus and pay attention to their surroundings and school work.

But are we teaching our kids how to do this?

Approx. 6.3 million kids have diagnosed anxiety or depression nationally. A little under 40,000 children and adolescences were served in Kansas’ public mental health system in 2015.

2015-16, data from the  U.S. Office of Civil Rights data black students made up about 19 percent of total enrollment in USD 259, but they accounted for about 32 percent of in-school suspensions, 33 percent of out-of-school suspensions and more than 56 percent of expulsions.

We can equip our future generations with the skill sets to navigate and mange emotions and skillfully respond to what is happening right now.


Have you ever driven to your destination and realized you don’t even know if you used your blinker?

Done or said something you regretted later or wish you could take back?

Felt angry or out of control?

Needed to have an open mind to participate in a tough, courageous conversation?

When we develop and strengthen our mind we are increasing our ability to focus, recognize and manage our emotions, make better decisions, and empathize in our relationships.

Think of mindfulness as a nervous system technology we can foster & strengthen through mental training. A disciplined mind can bring more resilience to challenges and help you meet your goals!


Enjoy learning, listening and leading a mindful life with ‘mindful’ videos, get free meditations, tips, techniques and read value packed articles on mindful living.

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