About Us

A 501c3 organization, it is Insight 2 Heal’s intention to create an initiative and be a space for youth and adults to bring attention to their overall wellness through the use of mindfulness, movement and self-care practices.
For youth, I2H provides a preventative and intervening approach to negative responses oftentimes caused by stress, in and out of the classroom.
With a comprehensive approach techniques are shared to improve: self-awareness, emotional balance, impulse control, and at the same time cultivate compassion and resilience for future challenges.
I2H is committed to learning, teaching and elevating members of the community through curated events and contemplative practices that activate inner insight to attain self-realization, expand self-love through self-care, and promote a less stressed, healthier community.

About the Founder


Growing up and living under the same roof as a registered nurse, I remember reading through medical textbooks and thinking about the connection with mind and body, ‘there must be a way to prevent all these diseases’. 

That notion has stuck with me and contributed to my vegetarian diet and reasons to live a more holistic life. Past trauma, life experiences, low-self esteem, media influences and many other factors attributed to my journey and dance with quieting my mind and learning to bring awareness and consciousness into my thought patterns, responses, and way of living. 

I recently lived in Thailand for almost a year.  I saw how students practiced mindfulness during school, and over the years I had developed my own practice, this lead me to begin studying with Mindful Schools (thanks for the referral Shana!).

I dug deep into learning more on the science and research of mindfulness in adults and in youth. The findings in myself and over 30+ years of research told me that mindfulness can and will positively change and benefit our lives. Mindfulness in youth is especially important to me because I see the value in its ability to allow space for us to reflect and that space allows us to decide on how we can respond vs. react to an impulse -putting ownership back on the individual.

This empowered me to create a virtual space to connect and expand mindfulness, movement and self-care practices.

Board of Directors

Jessica Wiley Conger

Board Vice President

“Glad I learned early not to internalize every ink up Daddy told me with every opinion there comes a sphincter.”          -Sa-Roc

Bobbi Jo Young

Board Treasurer

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

We are excited for the opportunity to share our sponsorship levels with you.

The sponsorship program provides funding or sponsorship for community events or programs that promote community wellness in order to expand mindfulness, movement & self-care.

PREMIER: $5000+

PARTNER: $2500-5000

SUPPORTER: $1000-$2500

ADMIRER: $50-$1000

Each tier comes with special marketing incentives for your business and/or organization.

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