Addicted to the Life You Don’t Even Like

We are in a constant state of low grade stress.

I am.

You are.

We all are. There is no way around it. Pair that with the lack of equitable health care, disparities with food choice, micro-aggressions, and then the burden of having the responsibility to teach those and be a change agent for them.

All leading to significantly lowering the quality of life for thousands within our city.

Via Christi’s recent Community Health Needs Assessment on the counties heath status reported that Sedgwick County slipped backwards in 2018 to 72 out of 105 Kansas counties in health outcomes. ( The County Health Rankings and Roadmaps report attributed these factors:

  • an increase in premature deaths,
  • an increase in self-reporting of poor health and poor mental health days,
  • fewer adhering to healthy behaviors and an increase in the percentage of adult smokers,
  • more obese adults,
  • decreased access to exercise opportunities,
  • an increase in the number of deaths to injuries and an,
  • increase in the percentage of children being raised in a single-adult household.

Why are we still living a life we don’t even like? That isn’t making us feel good?

We have become addicted to it. It feels abnormal to switch up our typical routines, choices, ad thought patterns.

For me, mindfulness, meditation and intertwining 10-20 minutes of meditation to my day has brought the much needed stress reduction to my body and mind. While simultaneously allowing for me to observe some of my behaviors. Thus allowing me to make changes, shifts, and modify my life where I notice improvement is needed. Without creating this space I and I imagine many others can become complicit with how things are. Our energy is exerted in so many other realms that the chaos, bad habits, poor choices, and lack of self-care become who we think we are. We are addicted to our “normal”. Our bodies do not handle change well, we are conditioned not to.

So this is how I started dealing with that.

I started with just 2-5 minutes and built on that each day, each week and each month adding a few minutes.

Clarity and healing can be achieved through:

  • Breathing
  • Listening
  • Sensations
  • Thoughts/emotions
  • Walking
  • Eating
  • Compassion-heartfulness
  • Gratitude

Additional and deeper insights 2 heal can and will be revealed through this process if you are open to it by bringing a curiosity to your patterns, observation of the mind (being awake while asleep), and by capturing moments you are present, and extending them.

Guided meditation, shadow work, positive psychology, journaling, movement, nature, and intentional self-care are all in my repertoire.

Hope this brings something to you that you can take with you.

<3 N

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