My Experience With Mindfullness

Learning about mindfulness was a great experience in my opinion because i never knew about it and learning about it opened up to learning about new ways to calm down and relax. I’ve been so stressed lately and this mindfulness tool will help out a lot in the future considering we are going to be in school and with school comes work, sports, grades ect. I have always been a person to always stress over my grades and my sports , for example during the school year I would always put my grades before anything else. I would always study before having fun since my grades meant a lot to me and grades are definitely going to matter in high school so i am going to be 10 times more serous about my grades. I think that mindfulness should be in  schools considering its a useful tool to calm down and not be so anxious and most high schoolers are serious about their grades so if we have this tool being taught in school the environment will be so much more calm and less chaotic!

Makaela Custard (9th grade)

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