Dealing with Covid-19 Challenges -a Gratitude Practice

I had a good amount of plans I was eager to get to once I returned from Thailand. One of them has not been cancelled or postponed and that was taking some time off to get back into the rhythm of things.

Both festivals I planned to be involved with (and was a large chunk of my earnings) have been cancelled/postponed. The program proposal I had been working on with a local non-profit and the public school district was not priority with everything changing and school being cancelled the remainder of the year.

Things are different.

I found it interesting that the only item on my ‘TO DO’ list that I could still do, was ‘Take Time Off’.

Okay. For a month now I have been balancing my self-care routine (creating one) and connecting with community members to earn some income.

This has brought me to a place of reflection many days. When uncertainty hits I’ve began to become grateful instead of let the overactive worrier scream at me in my head.

Gratitude Practices

  1. Make a list. Everyday or a few times a week think of a person and write a thank you letter for them. Feel the gratitude radiating off of you as you write down what you are thankful about this person. They may have taught you something, helped you grow, been kind, etc.
  2. Do something nice. Being of service is a core action step we can do to align ourselves with the feel goods.
  3. Forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves and the people we have encountered in our lives allows us space to begin to see the growth that comes from all our experiences.
  4. Treat yourself. We must be a priority to ourselves in order to provide our best selves to the world.

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